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Title: Senior Field Representative (Ft. Worth, TX)
Business Unit: ADS
10630 Rockley Rd
Houston, Texas, 77099
United States

Please note that this job posting is for Ft. Worth, TX specifically.

Overall Purpose

Performs fieldwork with all ADS product lines including, but not limited to the operation and maintenance of ADS flow monitoring equipment and SSES. Responsible for operating and maintaining all ADS issued equipment and vehicles associated with the above product lines. Responsible for compliance with ADS Policies, Procedures and safe work instructions.


Job Responsibilities

  • Field work includes but is not limited to:
             - Installation of flow monitors within sewer lines
             - Installation of rainfall monitoring equipment
             - Flow monitor calibration
             - Collection of sewer flow and rainfall data and review for accuracy
             - Operation and maintenance of flow monitors and rainfall gauges
             - Inspect manholes manually or with telemonitoring equipment
             - Conduct flow isolations, smoke testing, dye water flooding and site inspection

  • Maintain accurate, legible and organized records in accordance to all ADS quality work instructions. 

  • Maintain vehicle and equipment to ensure safety, mechanical soundness and productive operation.

  • Adhere to all safety work procedures and ADS policies, procedures, and safety work instructions.

  • Travel and work overtime hours as required.

  • Complete all required internal and external training requirements and certifications.Other duties as required.


This employee will function as an independent field crew leader and may do so long-term. Training in Flow Monitor Site Investigations must be completed. Additional training may be required as other needs arise.

Internal Candidate Prerequisites: Employee should have complete ADS safety certification to Level 3 at a minimum and exhibit an expert understanding of field operations. Must also have full ADS safety certification; certification in the ADS Core Flow Monitoring modules; and recommended to have at least 2 years of satisfactory field experience with at least 1 year of satisfactory field crew leader experience with ADS (may overlap).

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • High school education

  • Valid driver's license and acceptable MVR

  • Drug-free

  • Acceptable background check

  • Good mechanical skills

  • Basic computer skills (Windows-based operating platform and Microsoft Outlook / Excel / Word at a minimum)

  • Manual dexterity and willingness to work outdoors

  • Physical and cognitive ability necessary to do confined space entry and perform rescue operations when necessary

  • Basic knowledge of electronics helpful

  • Must be able to function in a team environment and be capable of achieving daily productivity targets

  • Must be willing to travel and work in the physical conditions present in a sewer

  • Must be willing to foster a healthy safety culture

IDEX is an equal opportunity employer Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled

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